Bookies Bank Staking Plan

Bookies Bank Staking Plan is a fairly simple loss recovery plan that is less aggressive than similar recovery staking plans. It works on the basis of you competing purely against the bookmaker. Every time you lose, the bookmaker wins and thus increases his betting bank. Once the bookmakers bank is in profit, your stakes increase in an attempt to win back the money that should be yours. Lets run through an example to see how the bookies bank staking plan works. We will use an initial bookies bank of £100 and the first bet we make is 10% of this bank. Our own betting bank is the same as the bookies. The first bet is a loss as shown in the table below.

The first stake is £10. It loses which makes the bookies profit £10. This is added to our start bank of £100. The next stake is calculated as 10% of £110. So the next stake is £11 as shown in the table below.

The bookies profit now stands at £21. This is added to our start bank of £100 to make £121. The next stake is 10% of this, so the next stake is £12.10 We are now due a winner so we will assume the next bet wins at odds of 3/1 or 4 in decimal terms.

In theory the bookies bank is now -£15.3. This also means that your cumulative profit is now £15.30. As the bookie is now losing we quit whilst ahead and the next stake is based once more on the original bookies bank of £100. So the next stake is £10. The table below shows a sequence of 10 bets so that you can understand the staking plan further.

The bookies bank staking plan is only as aggressive as you make it. Obviously if you set your percentage to bet as 50% you will clearly have larger stakes. For the settings used above if the first 9 bets lost your stake for bet10 would be £23.58. In the TSM you have the ability to change your starting bank and the percentage you bet. Bookies Bank Settings in TSM –