Each Way Combined Staking Plan

The Each Way Combined staking plan is a combination of backing the winner outright and placing an each way bet. The ratio is set by your self as to how much is placed on each bet. To explain this in more detail a screen shot of the EW Combined Settings in TSM is shown below.

The initial stake is shown as a percentage of the start bank. So in this instance the total initial is stake is : Start Bank * 5% = Initial Stake 200/100 * 5 = 10 The next setting is the Win Only Ratio. This is set as 60%. This means that the remaining EW bet must be 40%. Using 10 as the initial total stake this equates to : Initial Stake * 60% = Win Only stake 10/100 * 60 = 6 Initial Stake * 40% = EW Only Stake 10/100 * 40 = 4 We will look at the ratchet mode setting later. In the picture below we can see how this works on a winning bet. £6 is backed to win and £2 is bet each way. In total £10 is staked. (£2 Each Way equates to two bets of £2 each totalling £4).

The calculations are : Win Only Stake * (Odds-1) = Profit EW Win Bet * (Odds-1) = Profit EW Place Bet * ((Odds-1)/4) = Profit 6 * 8 = 48 2 * 8 = 16 2 * 2 = 4 Total profit = 68 We can now see how this would pan out in a real example.

We can look at what the ratchet mode setting does. When ratchet mode is switched on the total stake is taken as a percentage of the cumualtive profit. This increases every time the cumulative bank reaches a new high. It does not ever decrease. When ratchet mode is switched on your chances of bankruptcy increase however your profits can also increase dramatically. The picture below shows the same set of data with ratchet mode switched on. You can see that at bet 2 the cumulative total increased and the stake was adjusted accordingly.

The Win/Lose String settings used in TSM to produce the above results are shown below. If you are new to TSM these are the strings that tell TSM what to treat as an outright winner and what to treat as being placed. These can be edited and saved in TSM to match your own preferences to the way you record your bets.