Lay 1-4 Staking Plan

The idea behind the Lay 1-4 Staking Plan is that you increase the stake by 1 after a winner (losing lay) to a max of 4 until the deficit on that run is wiped out.The Lay 1-4 Staking Plan is what I would call a gentle loss recovery staking plan. With this staking plan, you know what your largest stake is going to be before you start.The best way to understand the lay 1-4 staking plan is by working through an example. We will use a start bank of £100 and one unit will be £1. The first bet is always one unit so the first stake is £1. Like with all examples, the bet loses.

As the bet loses we move up one unit and the next stake is therefore £2. Again this bet loses.

The next stake is therefore 3. Our luck changes. We win.

The above result includes commission of 5% on any profits. The series defecit is now -£13.05. The stake stays at £3 until the defecit is wiped.

You can see at bet 9 the stake reverts back to £1 as the series deficit is wiped. A fairly simple staking plan that will consistently produce better profits than level stakes. The largest bet is always 4 units. In this example this limit is never reached. However if the losing sequence were to continue the maximum bet would be £4.

Our sister software – The Bet Machine – TBM was released in 2020.  Every Back/Lay Staking Plan in TSM is available to use in The Bet Machine.

Used in conjunction with Gruss Betting Assistant, TBM is compatible with both Betfair and Betdaq Betting Exchange.

TBM incorporates Race Card data for UK/IRE Horse Racing and UK Greyhound Racing. 

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