Lay Ladder Staking Plan

The Lay Ladder Staking Plan is probably the most well known loss recovery staking plan out there. A Lay Ladder is usually used for 3 lays. If the first bet you make loses ( ie the horse wins ) then the 2nd bet is calculated as usual for a 1 point win plus the losses from the first bet. This way you still win your 1 point profit. Clearly the longer the lay ladder the higher your stakes can go. In theory this the size of stakes can be exponential !

Lets look at a running example. In the table below we have set the initial stake as £2. This will be what we are trying to win with each sequence of bets. The first bet entered loses at odds of 7 which means a loss of -£12.

This makes the next stake £14. The TSM software as with all the included staking plans will automatically show you what the next stake is.

The table below shows the next bet entered as a loss at odds of 6.5.

The second bet is a loss which means we lose £77. This is added to £12 to make £89. Our initial stake of £2 is added on to that to make the next stake £91. A considerable bet just to win £2 ! Let us now look at a sequence of 10 bets. For our sanity the next bet wins !

In the TSM software you are able to change your initial stake and how long the lay ladder will last.