Lay Level Staking Plan

The Lay Level Staking Plan is exactly the same as the Back Level Staking Plan. This is where you place your lay bets to a fixed stake. For instance, no matter what the odds are the stake will always be a percentage of your start bank. Clearly with lay betting this carries high risk at high odds and a lower risk at low odds.

Our sister software – The Bet Machine – TBM was released in 2020.  Every Back/Lay Staking Plan in TSM is available to use in The Bet Machine.

Used in conjunction with Gruss Betting Assistant, TBM is compatible with both Betfair and Betdaq Betting Exchange.

TBM incorporates Race Card data for UK/IRE Horse Racing and UK Greyhound Racing. 

Create your own Horse and Greyhound Selection Systems in TBM by using the built in System Builder tool – Selection Hunter. Back Test your designed systems and find your edge.