Lay % Up Down Staking Plan

Lay % Up Down Staking Plan is exactly as its name suggests. Upon a win you go up a percentage, and upon a loss go down a percentage. The settings for this staking plan are shown below.

The start bank is £100 and the Percent to Bet for Initial Stake is 1%. This makes the initial stake £1.
You can also see the setting – If Bet Wins then multiply initial stake by -20%.
This will only occur if the last stake is not already the initial stake.
You can also see the setting – If Bet Loses then multiply initial stake by 100%
This will always apply. There is no stop loss in this staking plan.

For instance if our first bet loses then the next stake is £1 + (100% * £1) = £2
If the bet loses again we would have £2 + (100% * £1) = £3 and so on.
If the next bet wins we would have £3 + (-20% * £1) = £2.80 and so on.
The table below shows a run of bets and how the stakes get adjusted.

You can also increase the initial stake by using the filter in your bets. You can see that on bet 8 we used the filter. To use you have to make sure the option is turned on in the staking plan settings. See first screenshot in this article at the top of the page.

After bet 8 was placed the cumulative total was £98.6 1% of £98.6 = £0.986 The previous stake was £2.2 So the new stake is £2.2 + (-20% * £0.986) = £2.01 Clearly its not ideal to show this when using small numbers that get rounded up/down but you get the idea.

Our sister software – The Bet Machine – TBM was released in 2020.  Every Back/Lay Staking Plan in TSM is available to use in The Bet Machine.

Used in conjunction with Gruss Betting Assistant, TBM is compatible with both Betfair and Betdaq Betting Exchange.

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