Level Staking Plan

This is the most common form of staking and is sometimes known as flat betting. The staking plan states that you bet the same stake at all times.

The Level Staking Plan is the bench mark for all your staking plans. The school of thought is that if your selection system is not making a profit when using level stakes then you should not be using that selection system.

The size of the stake can be determined however you wish. One method is to use what is known as points. For example, if your start bank was £200 you would split the bank into 200 points. So your stake would be 1,2 or more points. In this case £1 would represent 1 point.

The Level Staking plan is a very safe, low risk staking plan and can be used as a reference against other staking systems to analyse their performance. Any selection system that does not produce a profit at level stakes should be looked at very carefully before continuing with it. Any selection system not in profit using level stakes does not have an edge. In TSM we have the following variable settings. 

  • Start Bank – Self explanatory. 
  • Percent % to Bet – Your percentage of the start bank that you want to use as your initial stake. So 1% of a starting bank of £100 would mean £1 stakes.
  • Re-Calculate Every – You may want to increase your stakes over time. For instance, if set to 1000, then after 1000 bets the stake would re-calculate itself as a percentage against the current start bank. This allows you to increase your stake during a good peried and decrease during a bad run of results.
  • Use Ratchet Mode – When checked the stakes can never decrease. They will only increase as the cumulative total increases.