L.P. 28 Staking Plan

The L.P. 28 Staking Plan is a long priced sequence based staking plan. There are 28 multiples in the sequence. After a loss the staking plan goes up 1 place in the sequence. If the bet wins, the sequence restarts again. If there are 28 losses the sequence restarts. The full sequence is 1111111111222222333344455667. The screen shot below shows the available settings in TSM for this staking plan.

In the screen shot below i have inputted 29 losing bets into TSM. I have then saved the results as a CSV file from TSM and opened the file in Microsoft Excel. You can see the sequence in full here. The 29th bet causes the sequence to restart.

In the next screen shot the bet data includes 1 winner at bet number 22.

The last setting to cover is the option to link the points value to the cumulative total. The next screenshot shows what happens when this is option is used. Again we have 1 winner at bet number 22.