Parlay Staking Plan

The Parlay Staking Plan is a great option for those who want to have the option of low risk but high reward. In the most basic form, Parlay Staking Plan is essentially no different to placing the football fans favourite – the accumulator bet. 

The default Parlay Staking Plan rolls on any bet winnings to the next bet. This means you only ever risk your initial stake. The more winning bets you have, the larger the stake which means greater winnings. 

Simple example – Bet 1 wins. ALL the winnings then go on to Bet 2. If Bet 2 Wins ALL the winnings then go on to Bet 3. If Bet 3 wins then you simply bank the winnings and start all over again. 

The Screenshot below shows this scenario. All Screenshots show commission at 5%

If Bet 3 had lost, then the cumulative total would of been £98. Only the initial stake is lost. As Bet 3 won, we made a profit of £12.84 for the series of 3 bets. 

The Parlay Staking Plan Settings in TSM are shown below. Start Bank of 100. Start Stake is 2% and a Reset Limit of 3. This is the Parlay Staking Plan in the most simplest form. 

As you can see in the screenshot above there are numerous other settings that can be applied. 

Profit – Reset if % of the Series Start Total is Hit – If for instance the cumulative total at the start of the series was £100 then 5% will be £5. This means as soon as the cumulative profit hits £105 then the target has been hit and a new parlay series starts. See the screenshot below with this option ticked and a 5% Target. 

Stop Loss – Reset if % of the Series Start Total is Lost – If the cumulative total at the start of the series was £100 and a stop loss of 10% was selected then the stop loss would kick in if the cumulative total went below £90. 

The above isn’t going to happen in a normal Parlay Sequence. However it can happen if you enable the setting underneath – 

Ignore Losing Bets and Replay the Leg Instead – This replays the losing leg. The Reset Limit for losing bets is effectively ignored. 

The screenshot below shows how these settings would be used. 

The screenshot below shows an example set of results. The first series finishes on Bet 2 as 5% Profit was hit.

The new series total is £105.61

We then have 1 winner and 4 losing bets. Bet 4, which is the second bet in the series has a stake of £3.9. This stake is repeated as we have ‘Ignore Losing Bets’ and ‘Replay the Leg Instead’ ticked. The cumulative total at Bet 7 is £91.91.  

Our stop loss was 10% from £105.61 which is £95.04. As soon as the cumulative total went below this number the stop loss kicks in and the series will restart. 

Reset Series Daily (Use <LB> to Signify Last Bet) – By adding the code <LB> to the selection column we can tell TSM the bet is the last bet of the day. When checked, the next bet will be the start a new series irrespective of whether the current series has finished or not. 

The screenshot below shows the code <LB> added to bet number 4. Bet 5 is  a new day and therefore a new series is started. 

Link Initial Stake to Cumulative Total – This will increase/decrease the start stake in any series relative to the percentage set. Rather than being fixed as 2% of £100. As the Cumulative Total increases, as will the stakes. 

Ratchet Mode – Never Decrease Initial Series Stake – When checked, the start stake for any series can only increase. It will not decrease if the cumulative total decreases. 

The next settings are a bit more complicated. In simplest terms they allow you to set a percentage that you want rolled over instead of the default 100%. For instance when set to 50% only half of your winnings are rolled over to the next bet. 50% of your winnings are retained. The idea is that instead of risking all your profits you keep some back. In the screenshot below we have gone back to basics and set the ‘Percentage of Winnings to Retain Per Winning Bet’ at 50%. Compare to the earlier screenshot to see the effect. 

Previously the entire profit was rolled over. So Bet 2 Stake would of been £2 + £1.9 = 3.9. 

However if only 50% is rolled over this becomes £2 + (£1.9/2) = £2.95

When ‘Include Stake In Winnings’ is ticked this uses a slightly different method to calculate the Winnings. 

When ticked, we calculate the amount to retain off the Bet Return (Stake * Odds) rather than the standard Profit ((Stake * Odds ) – Stake).  

In this instance – 

Return = Stake * Odds = 2 * 2 = 4

Stake Retention = 50% of 4 = 2

Profit – Stake Retention Amount = £1.9 – £2 = £-0.1

Next Stake is therefore £2 + £-0.1 = £1.9

The last setting allows us to use a different retention amount depending on where we are in the Parlay Series. By using a list we can vary the Percentage to hold back as we increase the Parlay Number. Going back to basics and using the following settings we can see an example. 

The first bet has a 50% Percentage of Winnings To Retain. The second bet has 25 and the last bet has 10. 

First Bet wins and 50% is kept back. £1.9/2 = £0.95 kept back. This means the next stake is £2.95

Second Bet wins and 25% is kept back. £2.8/4 = £0.7 kept back. This means the next stake is £2.95 + £2.1 = £5.05. 

Our reset target is hit when the third bet wins.