Parlay Staking Plan

The Parlay Staking Plan can be a very useful tool for those who just want to try their luck.

The starting stake for a parlay bet can be very small but this plan has the ability to provide significant returns. The parlay betting system requires you to let your wager ride on winning bets – how long you should let your parlay bet ride is entirely up to you.

You can calculate the parlay bet mathematically or use trial and error, for example: Say we set the parlay bet number at 4 (that is the number of winning events on which you want to parlay the bet) and the odds are once again level, with each initial stake set for your parlay bet set at £1.

• the first parlay bet is a win and your wager is doubled to £2, now you let your parlay bet ride hoping for another win

• the second parlay bet is a win and your parlay bet is doubled to £4

• the third parlay bet is a win and your bet is doubled to £8

 • the fourth parlay bet is a win and your bet is doubled to £16, you decide to claim your bet and start over. You are in essence re-investing your winnings on each next bet until you reach your pre-designated limit. If you’re one of those people with a ‘double or nothing’ mentality this system will do just fine.

  • In TSM there is also the option to increase/decrease your starting stakes in each series as your cumulative total bank increases or decreases.
  • There is also an additional setting in later version of TSM that allow you to retain a percentage of every winning bet.