Parlay Staking Plan

The Parlay Staking Plan can be a very useful tool for those who just want to bet whilst having fun. Parlay Staking Plan is essentially no different to placing the footballs fans favourite – accumulator bet.

The Parlay Staking Plan rolls on any winnings to the next bet. For instance if you wish to Parlay 3 Bets.

Bet 1 wins. ALL the winnings then go on to Bet 2. If Bet 2 Wins ALL the winnings then go on to Bet 3. If Bet 3 wins then you simply bank the winnings and start all over again.

  • In TSM there is also the option to increase/decrease your starting stakes in each series as your cumulative total bank increases or decreases.
  • There is also an additional setting in later versions of TSM that allow you to retain a percentage of every winning bet.