Recovery Staking Plan

The Back Recovery Plan is identical to the Lay % Recovery in that it aims to recover your losses over a set number of cycles and bets. The available settings in TSM are shown in the screenshot below.

Using the above settings the intial stake is 2% of 100. Stake = 2 units.

When the bet loses you enter the recovery mode. The above settings allow 2 cycles with each cycle containing 4 bets. The amount of loss to recover is set at 100%.

In the example below there are 6 bets. The first bet is a loss. The series defecit is therefore 2 units. The settings tell TSM to try and recover 2 units over 4 bets. Therefore bets 2,3,4 and 5 are calculated as 2/4 = 0.5 At the bet 6 recovery mode is finished and the stake is back to 2 units.

In the next example bet 4 is a loss. The settings tell TSM there are 2 cycles. As the first cycle was not finished we enter the second cycle and try and recover our losses again. As bet 4 lost the series defecit is 1.5 units. The next 4 bets (assuming they all win) will be 0.38 units. You can see that by bet 9 the defecit is recovered and recovery mode is finished. The stake reverts back to 2 units.

If however cycle 2 is not completed, the staking plan cuts its losses and starts again.

In TSM you can set the amount of bets to recover your losses from 1-100. You can also select the cycles from 1-25. You can also tell TSM to recover the initial stake.

In the example above this would increase our recovery stakes to recover the initial £2 on every bet. If the bet loses at any point that initial stake is added on to the next cycle.

This works differently to the Lay % Recovery Staking Plan. Essentially instead of recovering the initial stake over x amounts of bets we are recoverying the initial stake on each and every bet. You can see the effect of this below.

A further setting available is the option to link your stake to the cumulative total. When not in a recovery mode the initial stake is adjusted relative to the cumulative total.

The final setting not yet mentioned is the ability to recover any commission lost during your winnings. For this to be active commission must be turned on in the TSM software and the ‘Increase Stakes to Recover Commission’ must be checked in the staking plan settings.

The previous examples had commission turned off. In the example below commission is turned on and set at 5%. The screenshot below shows how the stakes are raised to allow for commission losses. Recover initial stake is also turned on.