Retirement Staking Plan

A very popular and quite effective staking plan that can if used correctly, keep your stakes well under control. The staking plan is quite complex and in its day was very well regarded. The retirement staking plan is best described using rules. The rules can be explained as so: 

For the first bet at beginning of every betting sequence the following applies:
Divisor = Average odds x 2
Stake = Percentage of start bank (normally 1%)
Target = Stake x Divisor

For all other bets:

Divisor stays as average odds x 2 unless
1) The amount of bets without a reset is greater than the divisor, in which case the divisor increases by 1

2) The bet sequence is reset, in which case the divisor starts again at average odds x 2

3) When there is a winning bet but not enough to reset the sequence the divisor remains the same as the last divisor used, when the target was at the current target

Stake = Target / by Divisor
Target = Current ‘Profit and Loss’ in bet sequence + original target at start of bet sequence

The bet sequence is reset when: A winning bet is made that causes the target to be less than the original target

EXTRA RULE: Every time the cumulative bank increases by 200 units the original target is increased by 10 – this remains a constant and never reduced.

Additional Notes – The average odds to use in The Staking Machine Software is calculated as follows – For fractional odds of 5/1 the average odds is calculated by using the 5 part of the fraction. For decimal odds the average odds is calculated by converting to fractional odds and taking the first part of the fraction. So for decimal odds of 5 the average odds entered in the Retirement Staking Plan Settings would be 4.