Rolling Doubles Staking Plan

Rolling Doubles Staking Plan is similar to the parlay staking plan. However, instead of putting all your winnings on the next bet, only the winnings from half of your initial stake is added. This occurs on a rolling basis, creating rolling doubles. In summary – each selection in a series has two or three bets placed on it, depending on whether the first leg of the rolling double was successful: Assume initial stake is 2 units. This initial stake is split in half to give the size of the stakes in part 1 and part 2 below.

  • 1. Always placed – A single win bet.
    • Possible Outcomes – take the profit if it wins, or accept loss of 1st Leg stake if it loses.
  • 2. Always placed – Leg 1 of the rolling double.
    • Outcomes – carry forward the return if it wins, or accept loss of stake if it loses.
  • 3. Only placed if Leg 1 wins – Leg 2 of the rolling double where the return from the winning Leg 1 is placed on the selection.
    • Outcomes – take profit from Legs 1 & 2 if it wins. If it loses the only real monetary loss to be accepted is the original stake placed in Leg 1.

In TSM you can edit the start bank and percentage to bet on the initial stake. There is also an option to link the initial stake to the cumulative total so that your stakes can increase overtime.