Secure Staking Plan

The Secure Staking Plan is very simple. It is based around the fact that lower odds on a horse imply that it is more likely to win than a horse with higher odds. Therefore the stakes are adjusted accordingly. This methodology theoretically protects your betting bank from staking large amounts on horses that are less likely to win. You can change and manipulate the variables to suit your own style of betting.

In the screenshot below the start bank is set at £100. The maximum amount to bet is set at 10%. This means the maximum stake is £10. For the odds range of less than 2.1 we have set 100%. This mean if the odds are less than 2.1 then we bet 100% of our maximum stake. In this case the stake would be £10. 

As the odds increase the stake we bet will decrease. 

Whitaker Staking

An alternative of the Secure Staking Plan is where instead of betting a percentage of the maximum stake we bet to make a profit instead. 

In the scenario above if we check the odds range as per the screen shot below – instead of betting £10 we now bet whatever is need to make a profit of £10. This useful addition to the Secure Staking Plan was requested by Tom Whitaker as a result of published research completed by himself.

Whitaker Staking is a mixture of Secure Staking and Fixed Staking and results in a nice way of keeping control of the stakes placed. 

Tom’s Book can be found on Amazon at the following Link. The Staking Plans Book