TSM Version 7.0 (Desktop) Released

TSM Version 7.0 is a MAJOR update however we have decided to release TSM Version 7.0 as a MINOR update. This means everyone who currently has a license for TSM Version 6.0 can install and unlock TSM Version 7.0 at NO EXTRA cost. 

TSM Version 7.0 has been released. Need to know changes include – 

Automated Betting Removed

Automated Betting is now ONLY available in our specialist Automated Betting Bot called The Bet Machine. To find out more about The Bet Machine including a 7 day free trial head on over to the dedicated website. at https://thebetmachine.com

Back in TSM Version 7.0 everything else has been refreshed and dragged into 2020.


At default TSM Version 7.0 is installed into a NEW directory called TSMV7. A new shortcut will be created on your desktop and you will need to register TSM Version 7.0 using your registered email address. 

Download as per TSM V7.0 Download

TSM Version 6.0 will carry on working alongside TSM Version 6.0 if required. TSM V6 can no longer be purchased. 

Please note that ongoing support for automated betting in TSM V6.0 will finish on 31/08/2020. 

TSM Version 7.0 Main Updates 

  • Automated Betting Removed.
  • Complete Overhaul of Icons/Colours. 
  • Complete Overhaul of Internal Code. 
  • Added editable odds ranges for ‘Edge by Odds Range’ Graph. 
  • Profiles renamed to Settings Files and moved to Staking Plan Settings Tab. 
  • Each Staking Plan now its own editable settings on its own tab page. 
  • Export direct to Microsoft Excel Feature added under Print/Export Button.
  • Help Manual Overhaul