This webpage contains 3rd Party Systems or Services that may assist you when using TSM. We make NO guarantees regarding any systems or services on this web page. All systems and services are purchased and used at your own risk. Please do the necessary due diligence before making any purchases. 

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Inform Racing is run by Ian Welch who is well known over the years for the Speed Ratings he produces. Ian has recently created a new System Builder that allows you to build your own selection systems. The video to the left explores this System Builder in detail. Included in the System Builder is the ability to export the results to CSV and more interestingly for us, TSM files. This means with minimal clicks you can build your own systems using the Inform Racing System Builder Software and then view the results in TSM. If you are looking for profitable horse racing selection systems then Inform Racing is a great place to start.

Coup Master is a service run by Team Grey Samuels of Bet To Win. The Coup Master is subscription based with tips released every morning. The Selections are placed using the Coup Master Staking Plan found in TSM. The Service includes bespoke FREE software that TSM has written. This is a cut down version of TSM that ONLY includes the Coup Master Staking Plan. If you would like to get involved, head on over to the Coup Master Website and have a browse. Any queries regarding this service please contact Team Grey Samuels using the Contact Form on his website. 

Windows Desktop TSM Version 6.0

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Web Based Version - TSMapp 6.0

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