Recovery Type 3 Staking Plan

Recovery Type 3 Staking Plan is identical to the Default Recovery Staking Plan with the exception of 1 part. The principle is the same. It aims to recover your losses over a set number of cycles and bets. The available settings in TSM are shown in the screenshot.

Using the above settings the intial stake is 2% of 100. Stake = 2 units.

When the bet loses you enter the recovery mode. The above settings allow 2 cycles with each cycle containing 4 bets. The amount of loss to recover is set at 100%.

At bet 6 recovery mode is finished and the stake is back to 2 units.

In the next example bet 4 is a loss. The settings tell TSM there are 2 cycles. As the first cycle was not finished we enter the second cycle and try and recover our losses again. As bet 4 lost the series deficit is 1.33 units. The next 4 bets (assuming they all win) will all aim to recover 1.33 divided by 4. You can see that by bet 9 the deficit is recovered and recovery mode is finished. The stake reverts back to 2 units.

If however cycle 2 is not completed, the staking plan cuts its losses and starts again.

In TSM you can set the amount of bets to recover your losses from 1-100. You can also select the cycles from 1-25. You can also tell TSM to recover the initial stake aswell.

Other settings available include

  • ability to recover commission
  • ability to recover initial stake 
  • ability to link the initial stake in each series to the current cumulative total