The Coup Master staking plan is a recovery staking plan that aims to make a set percentage of your bank on a daily basis. In part it is based on the Pro Staking Plan.


I was asked by Grey Samuels from to create this as a bespoke staking plan for his subscribers. He was looking to add a new Betting System designed to work hand in hand with the Coup Master Staking Plan. I looked at the details and thought it would be worth adding to the TSM staking plans. As with the Pro Staking Plan you have to be cautious when using this staking plan. On a losing run the stakes can increase fairly quickly.

The aim of the staking plan is to make a set percentage of your bank on a daily basis. Assuming a £500 starting bank and a 5% target you are trying to achieve a target of £25.

This £25 is then split further into smaller targets. Each smaller target is called a Coup. We can set the number of Coups as we wish. Usually this is going to be 2 or 3. If we were to use 2 Coups then each Coup Target would be £12.50. 

Each Coup Target is divided by a divisor. Your divisor should be set around your average winning odds so that if a bet comes in as a winner your profit will be greater than or equal to the coup target. So if your average winning odds are 3.5 then use a divisor of 2.5.

Once the 1st Coup Target is made any extra profit is deducted from the 2nd Coup Target. Once the 2nd Coup Target has been reached we recalibrate our Coup Targets based on a new Daily Target.

Running Example

The Screenshot below is using a Start Bank of £500. The Daily Target is 5%. The Number of Coups is 2 and the Divisor is 2.5.  

Coup Master Settings 1


Coup Master Screenshot 1

You can see that the Bet 1 Start Stake is £5. This is calculated as the Coup Target of £12.5 divided by our divisor of 2.5. The first bet loses. The losing stake is added to our Coup Target. Our Coup Target is now £17.5. The next stake is £17.5 divided by 2.5 which equals £7.

Bet 2 wins and our profit is £24.50. In the Coup Number (C.No.) Column we can see a Green Cell and the word 'Landed !'. This tells us at glance that a Coup has been landed. We actually made £7 more than we needed to and this £7 is shown in the Surplus Column and then taken off the next Coup Target. This means our next Coup Target is £12.5 - £7 = £5.5. The stake for the 3rd bet is now £5.5 divided by 2.5 = £2.2.

We now have a series of losses. Each Losing stake is added to the Coup Target. Each Coup Target is divided by 2.5 to calculate our next stake. When we get to Bet 8 we have a winning bet with odds of 3.7. This means our Coup Target is reached and we can see the word 'Landed !' in the C.No. Column.

Remember that to achieve the day's target we needed to achieve 2 Coups. This has now been reached and everything is recalibrated for the next day.

Our Cumulative bank is now set at £527.36. The day's target is 5% of this. This makes £26.37. We still use 2 Coups per day. £26.37 divided by 2 = £13.18

The surplus from the previous Coup was £2.36. The 1st Coup Target is therefore £13.18 - £2.36 = £10.82. To get the stake we divide by our divisor of 2.5. The next stake is therefore £4.33.

Minimum Stakes

There are variations to this staking plan that can speed up the time it takes to reach the Coup Targets. This includes a minimum stake setting. The first minimum stake setting is 'Minimum Stake Equals Initial Coup Series Stake'. In other words the stake can not be less than the opening stake in any series. The screenshot below shows our previous example above with this setting turned on. Coup Master Settings 2

Coup Master Screenshot 2

The other type of Minimum Stake Setting we have is 'Minimum Stake Equals Coup Target'. So in other words the stake can not be less than the Coup Target. The screenshot below shows how this effects our example. Coup Master Settings 3


Coup Master Screenshot 3

Stop Loss

The final setting not mentioned so far is a stop loss setting. This can be set as a percentage of our bank. So if the bank is £550 and the stop loss is 10% then as soon as the next stake is greater than £55 the series simply resets and you cut your losses for the series.

Windows Desktop TSM Version 6.0

Evaluation version of TSM is restricted to 10 bets at any one time. No time restrictions in place. 

Web Based Version - TSMapp 5.8

Login as Demo User. Restriction of 10 bets at any one time.